Dr. Tekemia Dorsey Speaks

Ever known of someone that was viewed last but refuse to let the thoughts of others, define their pathway in life? Well, that is Dr. Tekemia. Dr. Tekemia remain motivated by the lack of belief of others in her ability to succeed and continue to rise while reaching back to help others along the way. She is filled with passion, motivation, inspiration, unwavering faith, strong will, and a determination to succeed. Dr. Tekemia remains in the top echelon of successful individuals in the world across industry standards. Others are motivated by Dr. Tekemia through her achievements and accomplishments. She has the gift of bringing the best of of people and helping them connect the dots towards success. When You Started From The Bottom But Now You Are Here! PIONEER


Dr. Tekemia Dorsey is a pioneer, trail blazer, a glass-shatterer, and transformational leader. Dr. Dorsey is the recipient of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee's 2020 Rings of Gold - Individual Award. The first Marylander to receive this honor. She is the recipient of the USA Triathlon's Women's Committee 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Award. In four short years, Dr. Dorsey rose to the top of the multisport industry, not widely represented by minorities. She has earned her seat at the table as the “First African American to serve on USA Triathlon Board of Directors’ in the Board’s 45-year History.” Defying the odds, creating opportunities for others while being an inspiration and hope to many, Dorsey continues to be a role model for urban girls/boys worldwide, while continuing to break through the glass ceilings of life.

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